photo journal 1

as promise i post photo story about amazing thing in my town.

for the first time, this is photo story from sunday street market near of my house.

1. carousel

a little girl in car carousel,common vehicle in sunday street market. just for 0,25$ you can enjoy fancy car with one single of kid song :)

2. heaven in 5 foot of street food

you can meet heaven in local street food,from tapioca meat ball to ice mojito, its come to you.

ps: i take this picture from egg roll seller,
he was so kind but lil bit of receh.

i'll be back soon as possible with many of amazing project.I didn't use camera in here,
i just take picture with my phone and some app.

camera : oppo A37
app : hujicam,vsco
cr : dyevochkapsih

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